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I have been very slow at writing blogs over the last few months. I have a number of posts in draft, mainly about the business behaviour change and service design prototypes, and I will make sure to publish these in the coming weeks.

I wanted to write a quick update because I am now starting to look into the relationship between sustainable communities, behaviour change and co-design in Ireland. This phase of the research is exploratory but will include some case studies and action research. I will update on the specifics later.

To kick off this part of the research I have drafted a Briefing Document that provides a very brief overview of some of the issues I am using to frame the research. I am looking to weave in discussions on codesign and social innovation into the existing approaches to sustainable community.

The discussion document is also highlighting some of the key theories and frameworks on collective behaviour change. This is not an exhaustive or critical list but I am looking to provide a short accessible introduction.

I have already started sharing this draft with some other researchers and organisations that I am interacting with as part of the research.

Download the Briefing Here

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